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Wine is all about balance.


The perfect blend of flavors, working in harmony together, produces magic. For us, wine and running are two key ingredients for a balanced life, too. Each bottle of wine marks a personal milestone in owner Nicki’s life. “I won’t name a bottle after a race I haven’t run,” she likes to say.


Here’s what else we value:


Originally founded by a partnership between Nicki and her cousin Walter, Running Vines places family at the center of all we do. Nicki’s Italian roots influence our approach to wine: it’s a complement to a great meal, an everyday luxury, and something to be shared with friends and family. Every time you uncork a bottle of Running Vines wine, you’ll feel like family.


Using grapes sourced from around the world, our wines are handcrafted in Chesterton, Indiana, by Nicki and winemaker Emily. We believe in contributing to our community and celebrating women in business. As a small business ourselves, we support and champion other local businesses, charities, and organizations.


Our passion: making wine you’ll want to drink. Winemaker Emily Kennedy, who has a Food Science degree from Purdue University, leads our renewed focus on quality. Each bottle of wine is crafted by hand, rigorously tested, and bottled with care. We won’t put our name on a bottle unless it’s a perfect blend—a bottle we’d share with our own family.

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