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Wine is all about balance.


The perfect blend of flavors, working in harmony together, produces magic. For us, wine and running are two key ingredients for a balanced life, too. Each bottle of wine marks a personal milestone in owner Nicki’s life. 

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Here’s what else we value:


Originally founded with family at its heart, Running Vines Winery continues that tradition under the leadership of Nicki and her son, Luke. Luke, practically raised in Running Vines, carries on the family legacy. Nicki's Italian roots still deeply influence our approach to wine: it's a complement to a great meal, an everyday luxury, and something to be shared with loved ones. Every time you uncork a bottle of Running Vines wine, you'll feel the warmth of our family table.


At Running Vines, family isn't just about who runs the winery (Nicki and her son, Luke). It's about the feeling we want to cultivate for every guest. We believe in supporting local businesses, charities, and organizations, and we celebrate women in business, just like Nicki herself. Every time you raise a glass of Running Vines wine, you're not just enjoying a delicious drink, you're becoming part of our extended family.


Running Vines Winery was born from a passion for service and a love of good wine. After serving in the army, Nicki returned home to Valparaiso, Indiana, seeking a way to bring people together. Here, we handcraft wines using grapes sourced from around the world, creating a taste of global connection right in our community.

Our commitment to quality starts with a relentless focus on crafting wines you'll want to drink again and again. Each bottle is rigorously tested and bottled with care. We wouldn't put our name on it unless it's a perfect blend – a bottle we'd proudly share with our own family, and now, with yours. Leading this dedication to quality is our talented winemaker, Emily Kennedy.

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